Stamping Illustory

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I’ve been neglecting this blog…

But here are some impending editions that are still a working progress. I’ve been inspired to use Japanese World War Two philately to frame the animals within a portrait that alludes to anthropomorphic qualities. Many of those original stamps feature an imperial figure framing them in a commemorative manner, and I want to give these animals that same sense of importance as a visual tribute to their memory.


Ali of the Magnificent Pair

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Ali the Lion…

I’ve been trying to illustrate Ali the Lion with the right balance of Japanese patterns and visual hierarchy. The first one look too Indian, even though I’m using Japanese patterns that I have referenced. The second is perhaps more Japanese but also perhaps too dense with the detail of patterns. But I’ll keep working to try and develop with a illustration style that I’m happy with.


Tree of Life

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I’ve been developing a system…

to give the book more structure and context. I’ve been looking a traditional Japanese crests to encompass a design that separates the different sections (stories). So far I’m going with the tree and with each section is for a different story of an animal of Ueno Zoo. Within each section has a certain number a strokes to mark the number of animals destroyed before the time of that particular animal’s story. This is based on the table of Ueno Zoo’s destroyed animals in Itoh’s book. I’m still working on the look of this system and see if I can take this visual further…

Illustrated Pattern

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I tried making my own page of traditional Japanese pattern…

The Magnificent Lion

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Imperial Lion…

I’ve made an attempt to illustrate one of the lion pair of Ali and Katherina, who were gifts from the Ethopian Emperor Haile Selassie to Japanese Emperor Hirohito. This lion emblem used to be on the old Ethopian flag. For this illustration I tried to incorporate Japanese patterns to make a new interpretation. But I don’t think it looks Japanese enough or not at all; firstly because of the staff and the crown and secondly the patterns may be too small. Either way it’s a start and I will continue to figure out a way that best reflect the narratives of these destroyed animals.

Also, I plan to illustrate the ‘life’ of these animals rather than concentrating the manner of death of these animals (the words carries that communication), and pay tribute to the life of these animals through illustration.


Isetatsu Collection

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Traditional Patterns…

I’ve gotten myself another book to get references for traditional Japanese Patterns and this book Isetatsu Collection is a lovely catalogue of a vast range of pattern design. It’s from the same publisher, PIE BOOKS, as my other book on traditional Japanese patterns Wave Cloud Pine.

Illustory of the Silent Victims | Proposal

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Today I submitted my Proposal Document…

UTS will forward this to outside industry professionals and have a look, along with my mentor to give me constructive criticism and feedback. Hopefully I reached some form of clarity in communicating what I want my project to about, what I want to reveal and what I want people to take away. I have edited and re-wrote this several times trying to justify my work and open myself to new things that I have not considered before.