McSweeney’s Concerns

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I love the covers and style of the McSweeney’s books.

I shall take inspiration from some the books when designing and constructing Illustory of the Silent Victims.



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Been rummaging through my bookshelf,

To see what else I could see as a visual reference. Here’s one of Drawn and Quarterly books featuring Matthew Forsythe‘s illustrations Ojingogo.

Wave Cloud Pine

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Today I bought this book…

After a visit at Kinokuniya. It’s called Wave Cloud Pine by Pie Books which features some beautiful traditional patterns in Japanese Design. I thought that this would be a good source for Japanese patterns I can encompass in my illustrations. Although I don’t want my illustrations to be obviously Japanese, at least I do want it to have the essence of a Japanese aesthetic.

Taronga Zoo’s Artists in Residence (AiR) Exhibiton

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Oh well…

I so much wanted to meet the animals at Taronga Zoo and their keepers to experience and try and understand what it would have been like for the animals at Ueno Zoo and their keepers. I did ask if it was possible but unfortunately there are many people like myself requesting for their assists in their individual projects and they do not have the staff nor the resources to support all of us. I think Universities like UTS should help them out somehow, I’m sure there’s a design solution for that! But that’s a whole other project.

Anyway…Taronga Zoo also Artists in Residence Program | AiR Album 2011

“The ZOO AiR experience gives artists a unique opportunity to meet and work with other artists in the outdoors, unleashing their creativity in new and challenging ways…The artists then spent three months painting, drawing and photographing animals, and documenting the work undertaken by Taronga in its endeavours to secure a shared future for wildlife and people. Special opportunities were also open to them, such as meeting keepers, vets and scientists, and going behind the scenes…”

To Read More | About the Zoo AiR

There’s some really nice work inspired by the animals. I was hoping for a similar experience; to meet some of the animals and draw some sort of creative inspiration. But I can still see them from afar at the Zoo anyway!

So here’s some of the artworks |

Cambridge Library Collection

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I want them all!

I  like the look of these kind of books and the illustrations are fantastic! You look at a book like this and you immediately get that appropriate aesthetic for Science and History etc

My project needs to tap into that aesthetic but also give a new visual language that still projects the profile of history.

You can look at what’s in the collection here | Cambridge Library Collection

Know Hope

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Taking illustration into a 3D space…

There’s something sad about these figures, in fact, the Street Artist Know Hope describes one of his work ‘Common scars brought us together (a safe place)’ as something that illustrates some sort of get-together composed of all the amputees in the series, and that they’re supposed ‘misfortunes’ [which] brought them to a common place. My work could then be said as something that illustrates the community of zoo animals brought together by their misfortune in the common theme of war.

Have a read of a | Q & A with Know Hope

Ingrid Dabringer Puts the “Art” in Cartography

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What fantastic work…

that my boyfriend has passed on to me to share as a visual reference. Transforming cartography into art! I could something do something similar with the map of Japan to reference the destroyed animals.

Visual Art | Ingrid Dabringer Puts the “Art” in Cartography – Core77.

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