Communicating the Project | 02

August 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve made another draft for my project proposal.

It’s not finished but gives an idea of what the project is about. I need to put in a bit more thought about the audience and what I mean by a “design of historiography”.

Illustory of the Silent Victims elicits a poetic interpretation of a historical narrative through the ‘authorship’ of illustration. Poetic in context embracing a sensitive and emotional style of expression. For the scope of this project, it is framed by the narratives of Ueno Zoo and the war afflictions against those zoo animals by human folly. This is a visual interpretation derived from Mayumi Itoh’s Japanese Wartime Zoo Policy: The Silent Victims of World War II. Through this project I’m re-creating an experience for the audience of how I visualize this trajectory of history through the illustrations I present whilst inducing sentiments of empathy and compassion for the destroyed zoo animals. Experiencing a historical interpretation does not have to conform to pure accounts of cause and effects. The elements of cause and effect can be the premise of a narrative; where the cause is the Japanese Home Ministry enforcing the Wartime Zoo Policy for motivations for propaganda, which consequently resulted in about two hundred zoo animals destroyed. I am applying an aesthetic this narrative history where the illustrations inform you of a subjective perception of a historical context. Illustory of the Silent Victims is a design of Historiography.


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