Communicating the Project | 01

August 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

This would be my first attempt to reach clarity in proposing my project in a public space that addresses the following questions –

What is your project about?

Who is the audience?

Where is your project likely to appear?

What form/s will it take?

[Project] elicits a poetic interpretation of a historical narrative through the ‘authorship’ of illustration. Specifically, the scope of this project is an evocation of the afflictions against zoo animals by human folly in Japan, during World War II. [Project] would foremost be housed within a ‘book experience’ accompanied by collateral media such as posters and interactive elements.  [Project] assumes a narrative role that re-creates an experience for the audience through a subjective visualisation of history also inviting the audience to make their own interpretations. Ones that hold a vested interest in the interpretations of history would appreciate this historical narrative. Experiencing a historical interpretation does not have to conform to dense accounts of cause and effects. It feeds into a filter of desensitization. Yet the elements of cause and effect can be the premise of a narrative. [Project] encourages those who have either a mere or deep interest in history to appreciate its importance and evoke a poetic filter of compassion. One who ventures to museums, galleries, libraries or even the zoo for this particular case would find this project sitting comfortably in context. As a design practitioner, I am applying an aesthetic to a narrative of history. Each illustration enlightens a myriad of nuances of its historical context. The illustrations informs your subjective perception of a historical context. By engaging with [Project] you are proxy to a historical experience. [Project] is a design of historiography.


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