Ethos of Illustory

August 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Contextually, I see my project as a poetic interpretation of a historical narrative through the ‘authorship’ of illustration. I cannot take credit as a historian nor even an academic. But I do exert my ethos of interest and motivation of evoking history through means of narrative illustration. When I mean ‘narrative illustration‘, I mean to re-create an experience for the audience of how I visualise history and allow the audience to also make their own interpretations though the information I provide in amalgamation with the illustrations I present.

Even though I claim no credit as a historian or an academic, I do consider it important to have a general understanding of historiography, in terms of the writing of history, to inform my own process of interpreting history. During my senior years of high-school, I thoroughly enjoyed studying Modern History, especially about World War II in the Pacific and investigating the history and culture of Japan. I see this project as a reflective project of that interest and an opportunity to refine that pre-existing knowledge of Modern History.

Hence, in this archive blog, will you find summaries of literature I have briefly read and applied to my understanding of historiography and history as narrative. This process is to add depth and substance to my illustrations and enlighten my practice that is appropriate to the context of the project.

The image included is of my notebook where I write my notes, thoughts and ideas.



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