Illustory of the Silent Victims | Proposal

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Today I submitted my Proposal Document…

UTS will forward this to outside industry professionals and have a look, along with my mentor to give me constructive criticism and feedback. Hopefully I reached some form of clarity in communicating what I want my project to about, what I want to reveal and what I want people to take away. I have edited and re-wrote this several times trying to justify my work and open myself to new things that I have not considered before.



Esoteric Books

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‘Esoteric’ is a word I don’t often come across,

I was stalking my friend Emily Fang on Facebook (yes Facebook), who’s interested in these kinds of books and I thought that some of the books were really interesting too!

You can look at more here | Ouroboros Press

McSweeney’s Concerns

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I love the covers and style of the McSweeney’s books.

I shall take inspiration from some the books when designing and constructing Illustory of the Silent Victims.


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Lovely illustrations of birds,

But they’re in military uniforms which is cute but also scary! Love it either way…

Have a look at here | Torigun


A Visit to the Bookstore

August 22, 2011 § 1 Comment

On Saturday morning,

Lauren Mullen (who’s also undertaking a major project for Visual Communication) and I went to visit Ariel Books at The Rocks to find out if we can see our projects in such a store (That is independent bookstores). We also wanted to visit the MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) Store, but the gallery has already been closed for construction. There were quite a few books of history with wonderful covers with illustrations and photography and typography. Yet most of the content of these books were just text and maybe a few pages of images. I would like to think that my project is one of at least few projects out there that encompasses history with illustration as it’s main mode of information.


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Been rummaging through my bookshelf,

To see what else I could see as a visual reference. Here’s one of Drawn and Quarterly books featuring Matthew Forsythe‘s illustrations Ojingogo.

Wave Cloud Pine

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Today I bought this book…

After a visit at Kinokuniya. It’s called Wave Cloud Pine by Pie Books which features some beautiful traditional patterns in Japanese Design. I thought that this would be a good source for Japanese patterns I can encompass in my illustrations. Although I don’t want my illustrations to be obviously Japanese, at least I do want it to have the essence of a Japanese aesthetic.

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